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Hello. Long time lurker, finally have enough pictures that I feel it worthwhile to make a post. Quick and dirty background: I'm an engineering student (and educational video game designer when I'm not in school), but unlike a lot of my colleagues, I actually like dressing up a bit. This stemmed from being far too fond of Halloween (I even went through a "conceptual" phase, in which I dressed like things such as the "night sky", likely because of an addiction to Egyptian mythology) and later because I got into video game/anime culture and discovered "cosplay". Which translated as an excuse for me to put together costumes outside of my week long Halloween fest.

Since I realized I could put together costumes from a lot of my everyday clothes... well, lets just say that I'm hard to miss in my department or workplace. The time periods I tend to draw from are as early as Early Victorian, and stretch til about the 50s, with the very rare dip into the 60s. I'm not very fond of much past the 60s, unless I am really trying to be ridiculous or having a "child of the 80s" type day. Considering the current trends in fashion in my area... it's nice to not be sloppy, I suppose.

As you'll be able to tell from the pictures, I'm especially fond of hats. Pictures under cut, if you have a slow connection there are a few.

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More random outfit and costume pictures, because I'm a part of wardrobe_remix on flickr.

In addition to the wearing of hats, I also collect/restore/remix costume jewelry. Yeah, everyone does that, but I do it mostly as gifts and for myself. XD So don't worry, I won't advertise selling anything, because I don't sell anything. But I prolly have pictures somewhere in my flickr set if you're curious. I'm afraid some of the pictures may suck, as I had to deal with a crappy camera for a while. I still don't actually own my OWN camera, but at least the people I was borrowing from upgraded. XD

So, the moral of this story is hats can make every day feel like a costume day. XD

Vintage maternity and infant wear?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and starting to show, so I am guessing maternity clothes will be figuring into my none too distant future. The fashion choices up here in Anchorage leave a lot to be desired, so I was wondering if anybody knows where to track down nice maternity clothes. Anything I wear will have to be warm, because even though I will have lots of body heat from the baby, this is Alaska. It is currently 55 outside, and it will only be getting colder. I am also looking for cute baby clothes. We suspect a boy, but most likely will not know for sure until February. I refuse to dress my child in anything that has words or cartoon characters on it, so a lot of ready made kids clothes are automatically eliminated.

Thanks in advance!
I make anime and scif-fi/fantasy costumes, and sometimes, I definitely want to wear them to work! Most of them are impractical, because I tend to make stuff that has really challenging props- four foot wings, 7.5 foot cannon, full face mask- that sort of thing. I've compromised by wearing parts of several costumes that don't look really out of place. The hakama (samurai pants made from twelve to sixteen feet of fabric and pleated very specifically) goes nicely with an open button down shirt and a corset, surprisingly enough. I have also worn a corset over a blouse, and put my hair up in what is quickly becoming my signature chopsticks. Since I wear glasses, I felt very librarian-ish, but I never get more compliments on my clothing than when I wear something a little unusual! Since standard work attire for me is slacks and a nice t-shirt (shaped, a nice, in-current-or-recent-fashion color, no pictures or words) I don't make a lot of waves with my everyday dress. I also have a blouse that makes me feel like a waitress on rollerskates, like you sometimes get at Sonic, or see in movies from the fifties and sixties (can't recall what the actually titles is- carhop?)

I also make Ren Faire and steampunk clothing, and while I would feel comfortable wearing it in public, my desk is directly over the boiler for my building. I wouldn't wear those things to work because I'd be too warm, but I think if that was my chosen wardrobe, no one would bat an eye. They all think I'm a bit odd anyway. "Refreshing" is what one of my more diplomatic coworkers labeled me. I kind of like the thought of being refreshing.

16th Century Kirtle

I'm making myself some 15th and 16th Century lower class gear to wear around as normal clothes.

Here's a pic of the kirtle/support layer - essentially a close fitting dress that might be worn under other clothing or as the top layer as the situation demands. It's 100% hand sewn, pattern based on information from a few different books and websites. I'm wearing it over a polypropelene top and a Victorian style chemise that you obviously can't see - 3 different centuries in one!
I wore this to get a coffee at a pub (we like to mix things up a bit don't we...) then to lunch at Mum and Dad's house.
I hate photos of myself, so I also learnt today how to blur out my face, like they do of criminals, suspects and witnesses ;)

Edit - argh - if anyone sees this before I get a photo uploaded, be patient - uploading a photo to photobucket crashes my  browser, and somehow this has posted by itself. Just finding somewhere else to put the photo...

I'm not the only one!

The courthouse where I'm usually assigned has seen a lot of criminals and cops in its years. 

A sample from 1941.

And I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one down here who still dresses like those guys! 

Here's a detective, on the same set of stairs seen in the 1941 photo, whom I photographed today.  We always trade compliments on each others' vintage stylings. 

First post!

Greetings, fellow dingbats!  Glad to know I'm in good company!

So, my deal is I'm a photographer for one of New York's big newspapers, usually assigned to cover goings-on at the Manhattan courts, and chasing fire and crime on the streets.  The Manhattan Criminal Court building is a lovely piece of art deco architecture from 1940, and the nature of my work, which hasn't changed except for the technology, lends itself to showing up for work in a vintage sorta way.

A typical workday outfit...

...going after a none-too-happy-to-be-photographed defendant...

...one of these photographers doesn't belong...

...and sometimes the saddle shoes come out!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does!

by the sea

So skeleton_pirate and I were watching Sweeney Todd again last night, and are convinced that Mrs. Lovett's bathing outfit would make a really excellent suit. Of course now I can't find any screencaps or anything even remotely useful. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I need to watch it a few more times...

Is it weird that I look at a bathing suit and see professional attire?


At lunarophelia's suggestion, I'd like to start a list of links. Where do you get inspiration? Where do you go shopping? Give me the good, the bad, the places you wish you'd never discovered because now you're broke...

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show me your stuff

I want to see shoes! Let's see your favorite shoes...

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