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I make anime and scif-fi/fantasy costumes, and sometimes, I definitely want to wear them to work! Most of them are impractical, because I tend to make stuff that has really challenging props- four foot wings, 7.5 foot cannon, full face mask- that sort of thing. I've compromised by wearing parts of several costumes that don't look really out of place. The hakama (samurai pants made from twelve to sixteen feet of fabric and pleated very specifically) goes nicely with an open button down shirt and a corset, surprisingly enough. I have also worn a corset over a blouse, and put my hair up in what is quickly becoming my signature chopsticks. Since I wear glasses, I felt very librarian-ish, but I never get more compliments on my clothing than when I wear something a little unusual! Since standard work attire for me is slacks and a nice t-shirt (shaped, a nice, in-current-or-recent-fashion color, no pictures or words) I don't make a lot of waves with my everyday dress. I also have a blouse that makes me feel like a waitress on rollerskates, like you sometimes get at Sonic, or see in movies from the fifties and sixties (can't recall what the actually titles is- carhop?)

I also make Ren Faire and steampunk clothing, and while I would feel comfortable wearing it in public, my desk is directly over the boiler for my building. I wouldn't wear those things to work because I'd be too warm, but I think if that was my chosen wardrobe, no one would bat an eye. They all think I'm a bit odd anyway. "Refreshing" is what one of my more diplomatic coworkers labeled me. I kind of like the thought of being refreshing.


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